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How to get a Higher Vibration

· Raise Your Vibration

We all make mistakes in life, relationships and in business - and I used to look back at some of those and cringe (especially if I inadvertently hurt someone else).

We can choose though - we can choose to feel horrible about that mistake and cringe at it - or we choose to learn and grow, and rectify that mistake where possible.

There's no point living there in a place of guilt or shame though, as that does nothing to have a positive impact on the mistake, and just keeps you small and hiding from the world and you are only hurting and punishing yourself.

Alternatively if you are the person who feels aggrieved by someones mistake - anger and blame is only diminishing your power.

Learn to forgive yourself and others - this means letting go of the bad feelings you have decided to attribute to the situation and transmuting them to a place of neutrality where you are no longer held back by them.

Now love yourself enough to seek how this has been a powerful learning experience. Take steps to rectify by means of apology or an action - or understanding why another has behaved in a certain way that may have hurt you.

By doing this you are rapidly moving to higher vibrations - whereby more like-hearted souls, more aligned businesses and a life of abundance, peace and harmony will gravitate towards you.

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