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An App that Cuts the Crap

Download the Think Dirty App - Know what is going onto your skin!

What you don't know about the ingredients in your beauty products might make your skin crawl. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and what you put on it is just as important as what you eat. Your skin can absorb nutrients or toxins quickly!


Anyone who has ever glanced at a lotion or shampoo bottle has probably noticed a mystifying array of multi-syllabic chemicals. We assume they’re safe enough to put on our bodies – but how much do we really know about the products we slather on each day?


Since they aren't regulated, they can contain a lot of toxic stuff that at worst can cause disease and infertility and at best give you a rash - and I have certainly experienced the latter in the past, how about you?


Don't despair though, the Think Dirty app gives you peace of mind, vetting products before you purchase them.


A barcode scan or quick search identifies potentially harmful ingredients and rates them on a 0-10 scale. (Aim for a rating of 3 or less).


This is why I only advocate Tropic Products as they score zero on most of their products and a few with a rating of 1.


To start finding peace of mind - You can download the Think Dirty App at the top of this page.


With Love,




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