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Sometimes our children are our teachers.

To be honest, I was having a crappy day, Mum was still critically ill in hospital and I was feeling pretty low.
My children came running in from the garden to tell me that they’d made Christmas land.
I followed them outside as they excitedly showed me how they’d pulled weeds out of the garden (don’t judge me 😄) and they used the weeds to decorate their Wendy house.
They showed me where their dance floor was in the garden.
After dinner they insisted that we had a dance on the dance floor.
I put a couple of trolls songs on full blast and we boogied in the garden while the sun went down. Daddy, Grandad and even our dog Shayla joined in.
Really raised our vibes.
Then while they were chilling for bed, Grandad gave them a slide show with family memories. They were transfixed.
It gave us an important reminder that joy can be found in the simplest ways....

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